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Yogurt Factory

We make our own yogurt on site!

Our Yogurt Master produces small batches of flavorful and textured yogurt on site! There are many variables that go into the process of making yogurt, such as, milk type, pasteurization time and temperature, fermentation time and temperature, type of fermentation bacteria and straining time.

After yogurt is fermented, we separate the whey using traditional gravity straining, obtaining a smooth texture and ensuring protein retention. To make Labneh, we continue gravity straining for a longer period of time.

Occasionally, we experience minor natural variations from seasonal changes in ingredients. For example, spring milk has a different composition than winter milk due to differences in grass quality. While Large-scale commercial operations add ingredients to standardize results and extend shelf life, craft yogurt masters celebrate these small changes as a sign of freshness and nature!

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    Healthy Eating

    A diet rich in yogurt, vegetables, and fruits is good for your health!

    Yogurt has long been associated with many benefits like improved digestion and longevity. Modern scientific research has found the following benefits from eating yogurt (1):

    • Improves digestion
    • Stimulates the Immune system
    • Helps you feel fuller
    • Is more nutritious than plain milk
    • Prevents Osteoporosis
    • Reduces the risk of High Blood Pressure
    • Has Anticancer effects in gastrointestinal tract

    Not only is yogurt good for you, but a diet rich in plant products such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains is one of the 5 golden rules to prevent chronic diseases like Type-2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke between 70 and 90% (2)

    Yogurt is also associated with healthy lifestyles, healthier nutritional status and diabetes prevention.

    As one study concluded: “…one yogurt a day seems just perfect to everyone.”

    (1) Chandan, Ramesh “Manufacturing Yogurt and Fermented Milks” 2006
    (2) Drs. Béliveau and Gingras “Eating Well, Living well” 2006